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Southern Escape Vanillery

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Grown and extracted in the USA.


Everyone wants to grow the highest quality vanilla, but only growers like us can actually deliver industry-leading beans and extract. We grow vanilla under the highest quality standards without compromise in order to delight our customers and consumers.


Our growing operation is family-owned and supported. Founded in 2018, we have expanded to a pilot-scale enterprise. 



We are not trying to bring international vanilla to the USA. Instead, we are leading a new industry focused on local cultivation of distinct types of vanilla. We offer natural vanilla flavors not commercially available. Our research portfolio includes horticulture and tissue culture .

About Us

Southern Escape Vanillery was established by two brothers in 2018 with a few thousand dollars and a few square feet of growing space. The vanillery rapidly expanded in 2020 including additional partners and the establishment of a 7,000 sq ft shade house. An SBIR federal grant was received in 2021 to conduct horticultural and tissue culture research on vanilla in southern Florida. This was received as a vote of confidence in domestic vanilla cultivation. Our product offerings will include V. planifolia whole vanilla beans and extract. We will also be producing V. x tahitensis and specialty types that are not commercially available. Our in-house vanilla breeding program supports innovation at the genetic level to create new cultivars with superior traits.


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