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Vanilla is an amazing, high-value crop that has not generally benefited from research. Wild plants from Mesoamerica were shipped around the world as part of the early spice trade. Today, vanilla is grown by thousands of small-scale growers halfway around the world. Our research efforts seek to efficiently grow and deliver the highest-quality vanilla. 

Shade Level
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Optimizing light levels and horticultural practices will shorten the time to vanilla bean production.

Tissue Culture

Growing plants in tissue culture enables the massive propagation of identical plants. This leads to uniform planting materials.

Simply changing the nutrition in the plants needs in tissue culture can have significant impacts on seedling growth. We can generate plants that are twice as big using custom nutrition formulations saving same time and effort with a similar cost.

Growing vanilla seedlings takes time and expertise, but the results can be amazing! Almost all of our food crops have benefited from traditional plant breeding. Vanilla has only realized minimal gains from this ancient process of domestication. We are actively growing vanilla hybrids to create new, better, and proprietary types of vanilla.

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